Interior Designer Joanne Jeyes standing in front of a wall featuring a patterned wallpaper. She is holding rolls of wallpaper and smiling

What does an interior designer do?

Have you ever thought about employing an interior designer? If so, I guarantee at least some of these questions have gone through your mind. Here

White free standing bath in front of botanical print wallpaper.

What is Biophilic design?

Biophilic design is more than just a buzz word. It can improve your mental health and change how your home feels.

A red silk scarf wrapped around a cushion as a present with a twig of holly.

Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas

This is where you’ll find all the links to the Christmas Crafts, Christmas Wrapping and Christmas Decorating videos I talk about on Instagram and Facebook.

Outdoor furniture ideas. Modern Interiors.

Garden Patio Ideas

Thinking of sprucing up the patio for summer? Need some ideas and advice for giving the outside of your home a makeover? Want to know