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Top 4 Christmas Decorating Trends 2022

What Christmas Decorating trend will you go for this year? Here’s my top 4 Christmas Decorating trends to look out for this Christmas. With ideas for decorations to choose, how to style them and where to buy.

4 top Christmas Decorating Trends 2022

Snowy Scandi? Kitsch? Traditional? Boho? or Maximalist? What’s your favourite Christmas decorating theme?

Golden fairy lights draped across mantle with corner of christmas tree showing
From natural to all out maximalist – what theme will be your favourite this Christmas?

Christmas Decor Trend 1

Boho inspired Sustainable

Wooden toys in Christmas setting
Chunky knits, paper lanterns and wooden toys give a real boho feel this Christmas

This boho inspired Christmas decorating trend is also my favourite trend as it is all about sustainability. Using natural textures and choosing decorations that are kind to the planet this boho theme really is about the feeling of hygge. Think chunky knits and linens, wooden and paper decorations. Use twinkly lights to create atmosphere – but make sure they are LED lights – and opt for paper, wooden and macrame decor.

I love these scalloped baubles made from paper, in soft pink shown below. Pare with white feathers for a slightly more decadent tree or keep it simple with paper garlands strung from the tree.

Personalised Decorations

Personalised decorations are always popular and here I have a selection to choose from that include place names and tree decorations. These are ideal for a gift as well as doubling as a decoration. This one is just Perfect for a newly-married couples First Christmas or a baby. A decoration that can be brought out time and time again, I say this is sustainable decorating at its best!

Paper stars that light up are just stunning and can be dotted around the house, moreover, if you pop some fairy lights inside they really do add a touch of festive sparkle to a room.

Paper snowflake decorations hung over dining table laid for dinnner
A simple but oh so elegant festive table using paper stars, hung over the table.

Talking of paper stars, take a look at my video over on Instagram on how to make your own, amazingly using sandwich bags! Hang them from ceilings, prop them on mantlepieces or string together and drape from the staircase. They are a simple and very effective decoration that gives real boho Christmas vibes.

Christmas Decorating Trend 2


Colourfully decorated Christmas table
Your kitsch table should be full of colour

For a lot of fun this festive season go all out kitcsh when decorating your home. The good thing about kitsch is it can mean pretty much anything retro or over the top. Kitsch is actually a German word, and in decor terms is generally used to describe objects that are considered tasteless or maybe even a bit ‘common’. However, I think that sounds a bit snooty and In my eyes Kitsch decor is all about showing off what you love in a bold, fun way. Consider Christmas decorations in this theme that are baubles shaped like your favourite personality, food or tipple or strings of coloured paper chains hung across the ceiling.

Get your Gonks out!

Go as Christmass’y as you like adding as much fun and child like elements as you can. This can include cute elves and stuffed santas or even the oh so popular Gonks dressed in funky named sweaters. This is no time to be subtle so consider Penguins and puds all over the tableware, Rudolph on your rug and maybe a red nose or two glowing in the fireplace? Full size Santa Claus sat in the corner? Why not! And don’t forget lots of lights.

Christmas Decorating Trend 3

Traditional Decor

If Kitsch isn’t your thing then maybe you are more of a traditional Christmas decor fan? If it’s more of an open fire and a tree twinkling with lights you love then this is your Christmas decorating theme.

Traditional christmas tree with lights and fireplace with stove
Roaring fire and twinkly lights make for a cosy, traditional Christmas decor

You don’t have to live in a farmhouse cottage to make a traditional Christmas theme work either. Look for simple decorations like glass baubles in red, gold and green and decorate your tree. Use sparkle sparingly (though DO use it, Christmas isn’t Christmas without some sparkle!). Keep the room to a one or two colour theme rather than lots of different colours. Hang lights on the tree, mantle piece, around banisters and use candle light throughout the room as much as possible (being careful with all naked flames of course!).

Home made decorations

Adding some home made touches is a always good idea, for example this embroidery kit which makes a stocking kit is perfect and is made using organic, ethical fabric. Make one for someone special in your life – or the cat, or yoursel – whatever works for you. Make your own table centrepiece from foliage from the garden or dried oranges and cloves and your home will be filled with the heavenly scent of Christmas. Look out for my video on how to dry oranges for Christmas over on Instagram. Of course, Personalised decorations that can be brought out year after year add a special finishing touch and offer a sense of family traditions. Again, these can double as a gift.

Nutcracker decorations are always seen in traditional decor, be they hanging from the tree or standing by the fireplace. This one is cute as it’s also a countdown to the big day. There’s also something about a Christmas apron that screams ‘at home for Christmas’ to me, so why not decorate yourself as well as the house I say! This one as is adorned with Christmas puddings – what’s not to love?

Apron decorated with Christmas puddings and a christmas pudding on a plate ext to it.
Pudding perfect!

Traditional decorations should evoke feelings, emotions and memories so get out all those decs that the kids, grandkids or special people in your life made for you over the years. They are often great conversation starters.

Christmas Decorating Trend 4

Colourful and decorated Christmas table
Maximalist decorating is full of colour, texture and all out fun.

Maximalist Decorating

This Christmas decorating trend really is NOT for the feint hearted, but it is a lot of fun. Maximalist decor is all about colour, lots of lights, lots of texture and lots of decor. This can be anything from paper trees and shiney baubles to festoons of garlands hung on the ceiling and a bow around everything. Really go for it – basically, there shouldn’t be a surface left undecorated if this is the Christmas theme you want to go for.

Go all out with your decorations

There isn’t a hard and fast way of doing this theme. It is a case of getting all your decs out and showing them off. Red, gold, green, bold primary colours and lots and lots of sparkle. Mirror balls, silver, glitter and feathers a-plenty. To avoid over doing it (which, really isn’t possible with maximalist) you could opt to group your decor together. So a heavily decorated mantle maybe and a tree packed with baubles, lights and quirky decorations. Rather than every inch of the room being covered. But, that’s really cheating if you want to achieve a real maximalist look this Christmas.

Of course, you mustn’t forget the table. Decorated tablecloths and napkins, simple velvet bows like in the image above along with lots of colourful china and glassware. Use fake foliage to add an impactful centrepiece and use coloured candles to soften the light.

Celebrate in style

However you decide to decorate this Christmas, I hope you do it in the style that makes you happy and gives you a feeling of festive fun. Don’t forget to buy local and/or from sustainable brands. Also, look out for vintage and second-hand bargains in your local charity stores.\

Wishing all my clients, friends and friends yet to meet a very happy Christmas.

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