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Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring

Hello, interior design enthusiasts! Who’s ready to infuse some Spring vibes into their homes? While it may not be full-on sunny days just yet, spring has sprung, and it’s time for a Spring clean in your home.

Spring brings a sense of renewal and vitality that’s hard to resist. After enduring the chill and gloom of winter, it’s natural to crave a fresh start and inject new life into our living spaces. But sometimes, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

If you’re eager to breathe new life into your home without overwhelming yourself, I’ve got you covered. Here is a room-by-room guide for some simple yet effective ways to usher in the spring season and infuse your home with renewed energy, inside and out.

Dining area featuring a spring-inspired table setting with fresh flowers and vibrant tableware, perfect for updating your home decor for spring
Spring Dining Delights: Colourful crockery, napkins and placemats freshen up any table.

Update Your Living Room for Spring

– Start by giving those rugs a thorough shake outside to remove dust and dirt accumulated over the winter months. Follow up with a vacuum and a spot clean if necessary to freshen up the space.

– If they are super grubby, get yourself some proper rug cleaning kit like The Rug Doctor. Ideal if, like me, you have some furry friends that like to roll around in the mud during the winter. Look out for my Instagram post where I give one of the Rug Doctor machines a go. (link to follow).

– Refresh your sofa by removing the cushions, vacuuming underneath, and giving them a good pat to fluff them up. Consider lightly spritzing them with a mix of your favourite essential oil and water for a subtle fragrance. If the sofa has really seen better days, get a quote for it to be either completely re-upholstered, or the cushions re-padded. Look at the difference it made to this customers tired looking sofas. It’s also kinder to the environment than binning and buying new.

– As we transition to warmer weather, swap out heavy throws and blankets for lighter options or even go without for a breezier feel. Consider keeping a selection of cushion covers specifically for the summer season to switch up the look effortlessly. I love swapping my cushions around and tend to go for cotton or linen during the spring and summer and keep my heavier velvets for the winter.

Living room with floral pillows and decor, showcasing ideas for updating home decor for spring
Bringing Spring Indoors: How to Decorate Your House for Spring

Spring Clean Your Bedroom

– Treat your mattress to a rejuvenating cleanse by sprinkling it with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and lavender oil. Let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it off to leave a fresh and inviting scent.

– Update your bedding with crisp linen or soft cotton sets in light, airy colours to reflect the season. Look for deals on bedding sets to refresh your sleep sanctuary affordably. Alternatively, keep an eye out in charity shops and pre-loved sites for sets that are looking for a new home.

– Maximise your storage space by decluttering your bedroom and utilising under-bed storage for winter items. Consider investing in pretty baskets or boxes to keep everything organised and dust-free. A lovely woven basket is the perfect accessory to store everything from throw blankets to dog toys and stuffed animals while still looking chic and stylish. I love those on offer from The Basket Company – this small, family business has such a good selection.

– Voiles and lighter curtains work well for Spring. Just make sure you have some kind of black out if you need a dark room to sleep in. There are literally hundreds of fabrics and styles to choose from. If you need help with window dressing get in touch as I am happy to help.

– Add a touch of elegance to your bedside lamps by switching out the lamp shades for something new. Explore local stores or online retailers for stylish options that complement your bedroom decor. Or, even better – I don’t tire of banging the sustainable drum! – check out pre-loved, antique and second hand stores. Better still, learn to make your own from left over material. I’m just about to make my first one from Dannells having seen them at a trade show recently. Look out for the results!

Show Your Kitchen Some Love This Spring

– Whilst the Spring cleaning bug is taking hold, take the opportunity to reorganise your kitchen cupboards. You could go the whole hog and categorise items using labeled containers to keep everything neat and accessible. Or, if you’re more like me, you’ll chuck out the stuff that’s months (okay, years!) out of date and mop up the spills, put it all back neatly and be happy.

– Give your kitchen appliances a thorough wipe-down, paying special attention to well-used items like the kettle and toaster. Don’t forget to empty the toaster of crumbs and descale the kettle for peak performance. You can use good old fashioned bicarb of soda and white vinegar for most cleaning jobs in the kitchen – no need for toxic chemicals or expensive bottles of stuff.

– Brighten up your kitchen table with colourful accessories like new caddies, tea towels, or an oilcloth featuring vibrant patterns. These small changes can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

– Again if you’ve got the option, swap your heavier, darker china for some fresh colours. You can’t beat simple white crockery and add a fresh zing of lemon or pop of pale blue and the table immediately looks more spring like. Don’t forget to keep an eye on those pre-loved places for some new pieces if you feel the need to shop.

– If your kitchen cabinets have seen better days, consider re-painting them. This is much easier to do than most people realise and companies that specialise in this. Drop me an email if you want some more information on how to do this. Also swapping your old kitchen handles and door knobs can completely transform the room too.

Renovated kitchen featuring pastel colors and fresh flowers, inspiring ways to update your home for spring
Updating Home Decor for a Brighter Spring. This simple white blind from Hillary’s is just the job for freshening up a kitchen.

Bathroom Blitz for Spring

– Dedicate some time to deep cleaning your bathroom, including scrubbing cupboards, de-clogging plug holes, and descaling taps to restore them to their sparkling best. As grim as this job can be, it’s really essential at least once every few months. Hair can clog up those plugs pretty quickly and will mean slow draining sinks and smells you’d rather avoid.

– Revitalise your towels with a simple yet effective washing method using white vinegar and baking soda. Follow up with a tumble dry for fluffy, hotel-quality results.

– Elevate your bathroom decor by decanting toiletries into stylish bottles or containers, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Consider repurposing old containers. I keep pretty bottles and containers for just this sort of thing.

– If your shower curtain has seen better days, now is a good time to either replace or refresh it. They do tend to get grubby quite quickly so buy one that can be washed and re-used if going for new.

– Store spare loo rolls, hand towels and other essentials in baskets on the floor to keep them tidy and handy. Use baskets to store toiletries that are not used every day to keep them neatly.

Fresh towels, baskets for storage and some plants freshen up a bathroom for spring.
De-clutter and organise your bathroom using simple storage ideas.

Updates For Any Room This Spring

– Do you love a scented candle? Me too! But it’s time to say goodbye to the spicey, deep scents of Christmas and winter warmers. Instead, enhance the ambiance with light, refreshing scents like floral or citrus scented candles or diffusers. Bring out those beautiful candles you’ve been saving for special occasions and enjoy them now!

– Add a plant or two – one of the most effective ways of bringing some freshness to a room. Plus it is proven to be good for you and everyone else in the home. Read more about the benefits of biophillic design in my blog on the subject.

A vase of flowers is an instant Spring boost for your home
Prints are a great way to brighten up a room. Sophie Allport Chelsea Flower Show print.

Elevate Your Outside Area ready for Spring

– Transform your outdoor space into an inviting retreat by giving the patio a thorough clean with a pressure washer, removing dirt and debris accumulated during the winter months. You can hire pressure washers if you don’t have one. Believe me, they are addictive once you get going so go for the longer hire option if you can!

– Enhance the comfort and style of your patio furniture with colourful cushions and an outdoor rug, creating a cosy atmosphere for relaxation and entertaining. Whilst it is of course preferable to go for outdoor fabrics when choosing cushions and rugs for the patio, you can make do so long as you do remember to bring them in (or store them somewhere dry) over night. Take a look at the transformation my patio undertook a couple of years ago with the addition of some fabulous outdoor cushions.

– Complete the fresh new look with ambient lighting, reusable glasses, and plates, setting the stage for al fresco dining and leisurely gatherings in your newly refreshed outdoor oasis.

– For more outdoor inspo, head over to my blog all about this subject here.

Give your exterior a Spring update too
Pots planted with Spring flowers is the perfect way to give your front step a Spring update. Planters from Dibor

Welcome in your visitors this Spring

– Finally, give your entrance way a really good clean. It is, after all, the first impression people get of your home. Clear the cobwebs around the door, get out the white vinegar and give the door a good scrub. Brush the step/path/porch out thoroughly and replace that worn out old doormat. I love entrance ways that give a little hint of the people who live there – be it colourful pots of flowers or a tongue in cheek welcome sign. Give your visitors something nice to look at whilst they wait for you to open the door.

– If you have a wooden door, give it a fresh coat of paint ready for the warm summer months. Be brave. Go for a colour that brings you joy, after all you are going to be seeing that door. Not sure which colour? Drop me a line and I can help you decide.

– Oh and don’t forget, wipe down that door bell and door knocker – it gets a lot of love over the months.

Once you’ve given your home a spring refresh, don’t forget to tag me in your pics – I love to see your homes! #SpringCleanYourHome #UpdatingHomeDecor #CrocusInteriorDesign. You can tag me on instagram @crocusinteriordesign or on Facebook @Crocus Interiors 🏡✨

A fresh lick of paint gives your front door a new lease of life for Spring.
Give your front door a fresh lick of paint ready for Spring.

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