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Why Crocus Interiors?

When I began my interior design business coming up with the right name for it was harder than choosing my children’s names! Until I struck gold with a local superstar.

Close up of blue crocus flowers

I love having flowers in the home and my favourite are spring flowers. When a friend pointed out that Essex was famous for growing crocuses for its saffron (the worlds most expensive spice) and that a town nearby – Saffron Walden – is named after it, it made perfect sense to me.

And so, Crocus Interior Design came about.

Crocus, in the language of flowers means 'Sincerity' - something that is important to me.

Saffron Walden, was originally called ‘Walden’ until around 1582. It was about that time that the trade on saffron was high and it was grown extensively in the small Essex town. It was mentioned as having been first planted in the time of Edward 111.

This spice was sold at market in Newport as well as Saffron Walden and brought so much wealth to the town that its name was changed from Chipping Walden to Saffron Walden.

Although not native to the UK – the saffron crocus originated in the Middle East, China and India.

“As the saffron of England…is the most excellent of all other…[the saffron] that growth about Saffron Walden in the edge of Essex surmounteth all the rest, and therefore beareth worthily the higher price”.

For more information, visit Saffron Walden Museum.